I hear the raindrop falling on the green

I hear far away the school bells ring

but I don’t hear your voice calling for me

Sincerely calling for me

When I was in love with you, I didn’t know

Only after goodbye did my tears flow

why didn’t I realize that knowing you

Is the best thing I’ll ever know

maybe we were

busy as we laughed and cried

busy chasing shooting stars in the sky

Maybe we took things for granted, And I forgot that you’ve always been here by my side

You are the one I wanted the most oh darling

please come a little closer we don’t need to be searching

I’ll fight the world cause it is meant to be

we are supposed to be

you are my everything

listen to my heart beating

I’m so lucky to know you

Although I’ve lost the right to

Cry a river over you

I can only hope somewhere I can’t see

You’ve spread your wings, you’re free

You’ve found the one for you

How lucky she would be

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